Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow (HMG) Early Intervention Services aim to identify and serve children under the age of three with developmental delays and disabilities as provided for under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Funded by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities,  Clermont County Help Me Grow communicates with parents, doctors, hospitals, child care providers and other community agencies to identify children with potential developmental delays or specific diagnoses.

Parents and caregivers with concerns regarding their child’s development can have their infant or toddler evaluated by an interdisciplinary team at absolutely no cost to the family. Children are evaluated for delays in the areas of adaptive, cognitive, communication, physical, and social-emotional development.  Once your child is determined eligible for services, an Early Intervention Team will support you and your family through the process. The team includes a Service Coordinator, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Developmental Specialist and if needed a specialist in hearing and vision.  One member of the team will be assigned as your Primary Service Provider (PSP) and will visit you and your child regularly at home or other community settings. At each visit, your PSP will help to address your questions and work toward the goals you have identified in your Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). Together you will find ways to support your child during everyday activities.

Help Me Grow (HMG) Home Visiting is available for first time expectant mothers, as well as first time parents of a child up to the age of 6 months. Once your child is determined eligible for services, Help Me Grow Home Visiting can work with a family up to the that child’s 3rd birthday. Funded by the Ohio Department of Health, Every Child Succeeds provides Home Visiting services through Beech Acres in Clermont County.

The Help Me Grow Home Visiting program strives to: increase healthy pregnancies; improve parenting confidence and competence;  increase family connectedness to community and social supports;  and improve child health, development, and readiness.  Home Visitors provide expectant or new parents with the information, support and encouragement they need through a voluntary, high-quality home visiting service.

Help Me Grow services are voluntary and free to all residents of Clermont County. For more information you can reach Clermont Help Me Grow at (513) 732-5030, or access the web page at for contact and referral information.  Click here to access the Clermont Help Me Grow Resource Guide.